Mornings After Our only-waking moments.

Mornings After

Adam O’Reilly’s Daily Prayer

Over coffee, I look through my pile of library books, spend some time looking at the wares in the “Free Stuff” section of Craigslist, try to write a poem, and prune my plants. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Sex & Lives Smoking in the corners of New York.

Sex & Lives

Sunrise Over Star Island

I wanted to fuck on the beach. I wanted to sleep all day and look cute; I wanted to glare at the sea with a drink in my hand until some art dude decided he had to fuck me. More

Hari Nef

TalksFor once, more answers than questions.

new nympho

Nymphomaniac: It Blew

I just spent four hours watching an over-wrought and hilarious movie Lars von Trier titled Nymphomaniac. It features blowjobs for chocolate, hallucinatory child orgasms, and some of the most genuinely boring voice-over dialogue I’ve ever heard. In short: this is almost the best thing to happen since Spring Breakers. More

Belles-LettresLong(er)form musings on mostly mature themes.


Notes On Excess

Relentless connotes disregard or blind ambition. Insatiable is like hunger for the sake of hunger, not for the need to be fed. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez


Penis Rising

John Ashbery, reviewing the same show for New York, wrote “When is a nude not a nude? When it is male.” More

Dana Drori



It’s easier to see humor in the digital abstract. Easier to ostracize than grapple with why. Hardest of all is accepting Florida as a logical late twist in the “American dream. More

Joe Coscarelli

Bedtime StoriesReading as need.