Mornings After Our only-waking moments.

Mornings After

Katherine Bernard’s Basic August

There’s this golden hour in the afternoon when the sun hits a window across the garden and beams a really beautiful light back onto my bed. It’s like this lighthouse symbol to back me away from the cliffs. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Mornings After

Lisa Lucas’s Shower Blues

For years I woke up with the sun, until the trucks came along. Now I have a white noise machine and blackout curtains and an alarm set to jazz—the crazy experimental kind of jazz. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Sex & Lives Smoking in the corners of New York.

Sex & Lives

Beauty and Essex

It didn’t make sense, but—as a girl—I’d been attracting the gay guys who’d ignored me when I was one of them. I didn’t question it. I don’t. I decided to take it as it came because what came was what I’d always wanted. More

Hari Nef

Sex & Lives

Can the Cocksucker Speak?

Just as “cock” has meant “vulva” in pockets of the American South and in West Coast Rap, so too does “suck my cock” work as an epithet regardless of genitalia. More

Chelsea G. Summers

Sex & Lives

Her Lorn Love, My Insecurity

The same with her name: repeating not “mom” but her name, again and again, you became terrified by the limits of your understanding of her, then of everything. More

Fiona Duncan

berlin postcard
Sex & Lives

Like Every Time My Pelvis Touches a Sink Brim

It was as if I really did spend last night as the lead in a bisexual heist film, running from an Italian mob family that ran the city gov’t I was trying to get elected to, getting squirted on by a slightly older woman with tan olive skin, tight abs, and a watermelon candy colored pussy, a hard candy sucked tacky and wet, a Jolly Rancher. More

Fiona Duncan

Sex & Lives

Of A Certain Age

That’s the thing about being with a man who is on age with your father—the impending awkward moment when someone would confuse him as such or worse. More

Elise Peterson

Sex & Lives

Being That Woman

To be “that woman” is to be the cunty catalyst for breakup, the vagina wedge that divides a lawfully married couple, the deliquescent bitch for whom your husband leaves you. More

Chelsea G. Summers

TalksFor once, more answers than questions.


Twitter: Unfollow All Dicks

The short: Your boyfriend is a dick (pun intended). The long: Your boyfriend is an abusive manipulator who seeks to gain power and satisfy only himself by disingenuously airing out his grievances. More


Clothes & Class: For Feeling Like You Have a Purpose

Revisions and edits: “less is more, always take one thing off, etc.” I show more skin. I cut out Camp, but kept Humor. I gave myself permission to look Sexy, Intelligent, Relaxed, Smart, and occasionally Expensive. I gave in to Luxury, probably. I also have tits now, and a waist. Do the math! More


Sexual Outsiders

Niki and Simon Haas are known for their gnarly, art-ish provocations (biomorphic, orificed vases and furniture that reeks of bestiality) … More

Caia Hagel

Belles-LettresLong(er)form musings on mostly mature themes.


The Miracle of Love Streams

Harmon is a writer in a tux whom we never see writing, and Sarah is a divorcée who wants to give love, buy love, solve love. Both are marching out of step with everyone else, but toward each other. More

Durga Chew-Bose


I’d Like to Propose a Toast

The following bit is for any of you who, like me, happened to fall in love with Elaine Stritch’s whiskey-drenched tongue on TV or YouTube—and who are a little bit allergic to the typical. More

Sam McKinniss

Bedtime StoriesReading as need.

Bedtime Stories

Mermaid’s Reef

I take refuge in the lost word, also in the absent word. My spirit smells like a hospital bathroom, like an empty drawer in a hotel desk More

Luna Miguel