Mornings After Our only-waking moments.

Mornings After

Stoya’s Consistent Kind of Chaos

Sleep is a boundary that necessitates a certain level of trust in order to cross with another person. It’s like how, in certain sexual interactions, there’s more trust involved if I am going to let you tie me up; if things go awfully awry, then I am in a very vulnerable position. Same with sleep. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Mornings After

Luna Miguel’s Sunday Siesta

Alcohol makes me dream strangely, lately I’ve dreamt of Pablo Iglesias [a Spanish politician] or Roberto Bolaño, or even myself, but animated, like a cartoon of myself. More

Berta Pfirsich & Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Sex & Lives Smoking in the corners of New York.

Sex & Lives

Respectfully, Slave Russell

S&M, and more specifically the time I spent as a professional dominatrix, satisfied the duality of my needs. To pay rent, I needed to make money, which always meant working for someone else; to feel challenged, I needed to be a boss More

Elise Peterson

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Sex & Lives

You’ll Have What I’m Having

Is it a shame when people fumble at the ties that bind and fail and fake it and make do and fake it again and again until pain impedes pleasure, rather than speaking up and voicing their dispassion? More

Chelsea G. Summers

Sex & Lives

Beauty and Essex

It didn’t make sense, but—as a girl—I’d been attracting the gay guys who’d ignored me when I was one of them. I didn’t question it. I don’t. I decided to take it as it came because what came was what I’d always wanted. More

Hari Nef

Sex & Lives

Can the Cocksucker Speak?

Just as “cock” has meant “vulva” in pockets of the American South and in West Coast Rap, so too does “suck my cock” work as an epithet regardless of genitalia. More

Chelsea G. Summers

Sex & Lives

Her Lorn Love, My Insecurity

The same with her name: repeating not “mom” but her name, again and again, you became terrified by the limits of your understanding of her, then of everything. More

Fiona Duncan

TalksFor once, more answers than questions.


Murder, She Wrote

Alexis Coe and I drank tea——the café didn’t have lemonade——as we talked about a 19th-century murder that shocked the nation. … More

Alex Ronan


Chasing The Bad Cat Away

When are you taking someone in fully, or feeling that you are being taken in, fully apprehended …. there is an all-lit-up, liquid intensity to that exchange. A charge like nothing else. You. I’m looking at you. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

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Poems Like a Flower Hurricane

I think the moment that reveals the most comes in “Sir Drone,” when I talk about how Mike Kelley struggles to “ape with confidence” a subculture not his own. I think that gets to the crux of the book, this pretending to be something you’re not. But maybe it’s the Tamagotchi. More

Sarah Nicole Prickett


Twitter: Unfollow All Dicks

The short: Your boyfriend is a dick (pun intended). The long: Your boyfriend is an abusive manipulator who seeks to gain power and satisfy only himself by disingenuously airing out his grievances. More


Clothes & Class: For Feeling Like You Have a Purpose

Revisions and edits: “less is more, always take one thing off, etc.” I show more skin. I cut out Camp, but kept Humor. I gave myself permission to look Sexy, Intelligent, Relaxed, Smart, and occasionally Expensive. I gave in to Luxury, probably. I also have tits now, and a waist. Do the math! More

Belles-LettresLong(er)form musings on mostly mature themes.


A Novel Sentiment

Let 2014 be known as the year the late Alain Robbe-Grillet slipped into American consciousness. The French writer, painter, and … More

Stephanie LaCava


The Lovely Bones

Instead of a boner, we see bones. We see tissue, viscera, all bluish-white; we make out the ghost shapes of tongues. Van Andel’s film is of two skeletons fucking, two sets of organs without bodies. More

Lauren Schwartzberg



Cronenberg works in the crackling interstices between fantasy and corporeality, entertainment and corporate control, and power and violence (or sex, if one can tell the difference), doing it all with a B-movie-type un-irony that places his work not in Toronto, the homeplace he’s never left, or in New York, the home of the avant-garde, but in Hollywood, where he had never shot a frame until this summer, when he took Julianne Moore and Robert Pattinson to the Hills to shoot nine days of exteriors for his next movie, Maps to the Stars (2014). More

Catherine Miller



In the days that followed I was filled with paranoia on the afternoon walks from the bus stop. Every car behind me carried men who’d come to beat me. More

Michael Thomsen

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What I Wore to Fall in Love

I’m wearing a white Hanes t-shirt, a pair of purplish-grey shorts I never run in (while packing I find that I own three pairs of gym shorts, probably because whenever I decide to exercise I’ve forgotten the last time I did), and running shoes I ordered from Nike. Jesse looks at the running shoes. He says, “Do your…. running shoes have your initials on them?” More

Sarah Nicole Prickett


Discourse Sucks

For the curator, activating the space inside a rectangle was the ultimate. He declined or was unable to say anything to me about the contents of my studio, other than that painters live and die to activate space. The long thrill of art history had been a history of activating space. More

Sam McKinniss

Bedtime StoriesReading as need.

Bedtime Stories

Odd Thought

Sam would later daydream about the drive, and about the fire, and about how the dead end made every short trip in the Volvo’s interior feel long, and yet temporary, in retrospect. More

Sam McKinniss

Bedtime Stories


“Love belongs to the (Dionysiac) order of the Cast of the dice.” —— Roland Barthes, A Lover's Discourse Sitting atop this … More

Eliza H.

Bedtime Stories

Ecstasy & Me

As to the memory where both of us had small motorcycles our feet pawed the ground at stoplights, is it … More

Cecilia Corrigan

Bedtime Stories

Six Sonnets

  Boredom sets in The dead of swelter Every inhale, drag A spring break Fever dampens the nape You’re waking … More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

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Bedtime Stories

Two Poems

What Is Learned In Love That I could tell stories where even the constellations split, & great masses are still … More

Evan Kleekamp