About Adult

Adult is a magazine of contemporary erotics and experience, edited by Sarah Nicole Prickett and art-directed by Berkeley Poole. For now we are owned by no one. The second issue is currently in stores. While the someday-to-be-triannual discrete object is meant to feel like both a secret and a time capsule, this daily editorial website — a separate and equal entity — will hopefully serve as the smartest, and sometimes dirtiest, of chat rooms.

To submit or pitch your work, email submit@adult-mag.com. To simply get in touch, especially about sales or advertising, email info@adult-mag.com.

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Creative Director

Berkeley Poole

Berkeley co-founded Adult with Sarah in 2013. A graduate of York University in Toronto and Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, she currently works as an art director at Laird & Partners. Previously she worked at V/Visionaire, and before that at MTV Canada. Exhibiting a certain lifelong detachment, which can manifest at even her greatest moments of triumph, Berkeley spends her spare hours running, practicing her German, and finding the best dim sum in her neighborhood, Chinatown. Her lunar nature lends her an unusual charm.


Sarah Nicole Prickett

Sarah co-founded Adult with Berkeley in 2013. A graduate of nowhere and a contributing editor at The New Inquiry, she is a writer first and last, contributing to Artforum, FASHION, HAZLITT, T Magazine, VICE and more. She lives with Jesse and two cats in an apartment, although she has real difficulty embracing a normal lifestyle. Sarah seeks out unusual forms of sexual expression—at least in her reading and imaginings—and has little interest in mundane activities. Her love of externals is an inadequate preparation for the more unpleasant, yet inevitable, aspects of life.

Assistant Editor

Lauren Festa

Lauren, who moved to New York from an Ontarian suburb two years ago, spends her days writing copy at Badger & Winters and her nights writing poetry in secret. Also, she runs the Adult Instagram, which you should follow. A lover of cats, wine, and emoji, Lauren is empathetic and very deep, but unlikely to fathom her own profundity. In executing attacks against foes, she is merciless.

Fiction Editor, Production Manager

Soraya King

Soraya is a Nicaragua-born, Los Angeles-raised writer living in Chinatown. Her work has appeared in Slake Magazine, Harper's, and the Guardian. She is not addicted to anything. While she may occupy ordinary positions in the working world, she is irresistibly attracted to the unusual and the bizarre. Soraya can dig up anything on anyone, and can also sense the unspoken thoughts of others.

Web Editor

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Ana Cecilia is a writer living in Brooklyn and missing her native Mexico City. Her words have appeared in The New Inquiry, Dazed & Confused, and BULLETT. She has devoted a lot of time to studying Lynda Benglis' sculptures, Mariah Carey's music videos, and Hannah Wilke's photography, and—perhaps as a result—is metaphysical in the most basic sense of the word, with strongly developed psychic abilities and an interest in the extra-sensory. Her seductive qualities tend to land her in trouble.

Features Editor

Raillan Brooks

Raillan is a writer, editor, and social media worker living in Brooklyn. He has covered labor, the environment, and urban politics for the Village Voice, Audubon, Next City, New York Times Book Review, and others, and he does not hesitate to flaunt unpopular opinions or behave in a manner at odds with convention, particularly when he feels that the dictates of convention are unwarranted or unreasonable.

Durga Chew-Bose

Durga is a writer living in Brooklyn and a contributing editor at ADULT. She is as serious about care as others are about romantic love. She is also serious about romantic love. Being strung between the poles of the physical and the metaphysical often means neglecting interaction with other people—and yet, by overcoming her emotional sensitivities, Durga is realizing a self-awareness attained by few.

Fiona Duncan

Fiona is a writer, a bookseller, and a best friend of ADULT. In addition to her regular column, she helps run our Tumblr and generally provides conceptual support. She has long felt she has a phantom cock. She is definitely an alien. Fiona's general awareness of the physical condition of her body also extends to its relative beauty in space. At worst, her love of the ideal is something of a fatal attraction.

Sam McKinniss

Sam is an artist in New York. His work is focused on the reinvestment of credible romance into figurative art. He is writing an experimental memoir called A Brief History of Me Doing Whatever I Want, which is excerpted occasionally in ADULT. Because he is often busy with his hands, he must take special care with them, particularly the wrists and finger joints. Sam is an intensely sensuous and famously bisexual individual who feels alternately godlike and antlike. His Twitter is great.

Haley Mlotek

Haley Mlotek is the publisher of WORN Fashion Journal and The Hairpin's HBIC. Her work has appeared in The National Post, The Globe & Mail, The New Inquiry, The Awl, The Hairpin, Hazlitt, n+1, FASHION, Flare, and, of course, ADULT. A true champion of the strangest and most wayward individuals, Haley may go so far as to be interested in those areas which society regards as perverse, yet she is never less than sensitive or empathic, and is secretly a mild individual who asks little more than to be left alone.

Hari Nef

Hari Nef is an actress and writer in New York. Her writing has appeared in Dazed & Confused, Vice, Original Plumbing, and more; her column for ADULT appears regularly. She has performed at the New Museum, Mike Weiss Gallery, and Columbia University in New York, as well as in London, Paris, Berlin, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Glasgow, and Miami. Hari loves laughter and having fun, but is basically serious and sometimes even tragic. Her great capacity to act on the stage of life’s theater makes her sought after as party girl and performer alike, while her private life may include many love affairs, charting a path strewn with boys' broken hearts.

Larissa Pham

Larissa is an artist and writer in Brooklyn. She used to live in the elm city and before that one full of roses and trees. She co-edits the blog at Full Stop, reads fiction at Guernica, and has published her words in The Rumpus, Gawker, Salon, and here at ADULT. Her accomplishments sometimes seem inexplicable without the benefit of a higher power or inspirational force which acted as a guide. She is liable to give her all for love.

Elise Peterson

Elise Peterson is a freelance writer and creative consultant living in Brooklyn. Her column for ADULT appears a little less than regularly, but is never less than satisfying. Blessed with volcanic sexual energies, as well as an insight into the mysteries of metamorphosis and transformation, Elise may feel as if she’s the unlikeliest of gurus, but her humility—in contrast to her undeniably wild side—is what makes her the one others need.

Chelsea G. Summers

ADULT’s woman of a certain age has written for Penthouse, GQ, and various UK publications, as well in anthologies, on websites, and wherever fine erotic meditations are found. With her rousing élan and relentless intellect, chelsea is seen as more sexual than sensual, provoking rather than calming. Though she can be secretive and controlling, she will say that she is currently at work on a novel that’s a cross between Eat, Pray, Love and American Psycho. For now, get more chelsea on her blog, in her TinyLetter, and on Twitter.