Mornings After

Our only-waking moments.

Natasha Lennard’s Pre-Dawn

I don’t wake up and do a stretch or a sun salutation. I give a middle finger to sun and get on with my day.

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Porochista Khakpour’s Eye Mask

One morning I will wake up and someone will be raving about Gwyneth Paltrow’s new almond butter cookies, and I think, “today, I want that for dinner.” More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Nightmom’s Deep Breakfast

Otherwise I get woken up by the beautiful sunlight, semi-trucks, maybe somebody screaming. And some reggaeton. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Chuka Chukuma’s Dog Rock

I woke up with flashes of eating tacos and maybe high-fiving one of those guys, with metal playing in the background. Last night was good. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Monica Heisey’s Classic Comedy

I know a lot of people who have guilt about staying in bed, but to me it’s just like a couch with blankets and I get a lot of good work done. More

Erich Deleeuw

Haley Mlotek’s To-Do Lists

I feel like in that way I am a bad boss for myself; it should be the reverse, I should prioritize myself more. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Raven Rakia’s Changing Routes

In the mornings Harlem is mostly parents taking their kids to school, or on Sundays there’s church music playing so I walk around and listen. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Adam O’Reilly’s Daily Prayer

Over coffee, I look through my pile of library books, spend some time looking at the wares in the “Free Stuff” section of Craigslist, try to write a poem, and prune my plants. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Elise Peterson’s Exercises in Gratitude

Her first-floor room in a Bed-Stuy brownstowne faces east, so that sunlight pours over her special things: hand-painted mannequins, childhood Polaroids, books by bell hooks and Teju Cole. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Ruth Curry’s Rhythm Method

I’ve been finding lately, however, that my circadian rhythm has shifted and now I feel most awake later in the night. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez