Mornings After

Our only-waking moments.

Claire Evans’ Palm Tree Totem

The window is a sight, and all I have to do is keep it aimed on the palm tree. The world moves around us and we stay in the same place, which we call home. More

Shona Sanzgiri

Bean Kaloni Tupou’s Self-Dom

Bean’s apartment building in San Jose is surrounded by rows of other homes in various states, flanked by crippled palm trees, … More

Shona Sanzgiri


Keenan MacWilliam’s Self-Massage

There’s some optimism in setting your alarm earlier than you know you will wake up. I like to imagine the morning I would have. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Kathleen Hale’s Eleventh Hour

I think waking up and just putting on a bathrobe over your pajamas is depressogenic. In order to write, I need to change. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Missy Senteio’s One Piece

Of course the hard part is that some people are just miserable. It’s going to take a lot more than a matchmaker to make them not miserable. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Christen Clifford’s Sunday Paper

When I was breastfeeding, I went years without reading a single book. I read magazines or short stories, but I couldn’t get through a book. I couldn’t concentrate. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez


Vex’s Sensual Response

I like making films, because I was a little actress when I was younger, before I got really goth [laughs]. More

Fiona Duncan

Stoya’s Consistent Kind of Chaos

Sleep is a boundary that necessitates a certain level of trust in order to cross with another person. It’s like how, in certain sexual interactions, there’s more trust involved if I am going to let you tie me up; if things go awfully awry, then I am in a very vulnerable position. Same with sleep. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Luna Miguel’s Sunday Siesta

Alcohol makes me dream strangely, lately I’ve dreamt of Pablo Iglesias [a Spanish politician] or Roberto Bolaño, or even myself, but animated, like a cartoon of myself. More

Berta Pfirsich & Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Ales & Fifi’s Animal Sleeps

Since meeting you, my dreams have gotten more adventurous. Now I am either flying or jumping or climbing cities. There’s always falling too, a sense of fear. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Meredith Graves’ Race with the Devil

I have been bragging to my friends that since I’ve been in New York, I haven’t cried once——and I am such a crier, always the weeping willow. So I am in awe of how busy I am here. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Dana Drori’s Aftertastes

I really value the early hours of the day when I don’t have to interact with anyone. Don’t get me wrong, I am a very happy person, almost always. But it’s just like every day you wake up and think, “here we go again, this fucking circus.” More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Cecilia Jurado’s Cement Pool

I used to go to the gallery every day, but then I fired myself from directing; it was the only way I could return to my own work. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Jeff Carvalho’s Blood Flow

I met Jeff several weeks after hearing of his impressive vintage porn collection. Fittingly, I visited his home on the weekend of … More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Zohra Atash’s Waking Dream

When I try to create in that hypnagogic state, I’m tapping into a voice that when awake I am continually suppressing. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Ganzeer’s Internal Alarm

It’s warm but you still have some of the cool breeze from the evening, and you have the beautiful morning light. If you’re showered and had your breakfast, you feel refreshed and full; there’s nothing to worry about. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Katherine Bernard’s Basic August

There’s this golden hour in the afternoon when the sun hits a window across the garden and beams a really beautiful light back onto my bed. It’s like this lighthouse symbol to back me away from the cliffs. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Lisa Lucas’s Shower Blues

For years I woke up with the sun, until the trucks came along. Now I have a white noise machine and blackout curtains and an alarm set to jazz—the crazy experimental kind of jazz. More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez