Mornings After

Grace Miceli’s Dreams of LiLo

The art baby gal's best headspace is between her sheets.

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

When I get to Grace's in Astoria, she's watching the Sex and the City episode where Miranda's told she has a lazy ovary and Charlotte tries to date a pastry chef. Zine-maker, cam girl, and Art Baby curator, Grace hangs at the intersection of young-girl-artist cool and wake-and-bake chill. Grace has Buffy's name tattooed on her arm. One of her sharpie portraits of the female greats, Frida, sits in my living room. DId I mention she just curated a show of work inspired by Drake? She's a true lady of whatever.

Grace: I had a good dream last night about Lindsay Lohan. I never went there, but the dream was set in the Beatrice Inn. I was just sitting outside there on a ledge just smoking with Lindsay. We weren’t even talking but we were friends. I have a lot of dreams where I am friends with people I am not friends with. I set my alarm every single night and I always wake up five to ten minutes before it goes off, doesn't matter the time. I have to wake up early every morning to post on the Internet for work but I don’t actually leave my bed until the last minute possible.  It's a wonderful headspace to be in bed. When I’m out in New York I’m over-stimulated. I need to retreat back to my bed and smoke mad weed to offset the stress and shit of life.